The intention in teaching Amanae is to help the student enter into a deep connection with Self, and to transform shadows, blocks, traumas, and negative thinking into light and spirit-guided action. This is not only a wonderful personal goal in itself, it is absolutely necessary to clear as much of the blocks in our own bodies in order to effectively work with clients. The goal of the practitioner is to hold the space neutrally for the client to face themselves.

To support this process, all trainings resemble Amanae workshops, with plenty of work on the tables.

Introductory Amanae Course (Opening the heart)

Taught over three days, this class gives people the opportunity to learn Amanae while experiencing an Amanae workshop setting.

Opening the heart is the first and most important part of any Amanae session. It is an area that is complete by itself, and can be easily done with your family and friends in a chair, couch, or massage table. It can also be integrated into an existing therapeutic practice.

During the class there will be plenty of practice and time on the table, in addition to some other tools to help you integrate the work and hold a clear 'space.' This is also a great opportunity to deepen in your own process. Giving Amanae treatments helps clarify issues and move energy for both the practitioner and the receiver. The energy around the work is powerful, and this class will help you to integrate the energy and learn to work within it.

The heart class is a prerequisite for the Amanae School of Europe. This course can be organized anywhere with as few as four students.

The School of Amanae-Europe Training Modules

Since 2008, a certification training program made up of individual 4 day 'modules' has been taught in Europe. The system was created by Eric Lipin in collaboration with 2 of the most experienced Amanae teachers, Judy Menefee and John Marshall.

Each module covers several Amanae doorways in a particular area of the body. During the modules, students will receive instruction and plenty of work in these doorways while learning and practicing. The teachers will refine the technique of each person, and also open other doorways in the student's body that may be holding blocks that interfere with the integration of the points being learned.

The 10 total modules take place every 2-3 months and cover all the major parts of the body. In addition to the technique, students will learn various tools to support clients in this process. Students commit to a series of 5 modules at a time.

Between modules, students and teachers are involved in school meetings, meditations and evaluations.

*The next entry into the certification program begins November, 2019*

If you are called to train and eventually become an Amanae certified practitioner, send a letter of motivation listing your intentions for participating.

CONTACT Eric for more information about prerequisites, costs, etc.